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What is a Sub Domain and tips?

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What is a Sub Domain and tips?

A subdomain is actually a feature of your hosted domain name. By this we mean that you separate the information into a completely independent site that uses your existing domain names.
A perfect example is the knowledge base.

Here we separate the knowledge base from the rest of the group Black Coral website. We did this for two reasons. First, the extensive knowledge base in a central location. Second, the knowledge base of special scripts and databases is not a member of the rest of the main website, which uses a series of scripts and database access.

We can also directly access the Knowledge Base e-mails or links to other sites of the company.
It has also marketed the advantage, and easier to find on search engines for a more organized way. The data presented here support Black Coral web hosting plans, but do not sell services. It is only necessary to give some help.

Subdomains may or may not be free in its web hosting plan. Compare prices online to determine whether there is a free service. Most plans offer at least one free.

Subdomains have their own Control Panel, E-mail and so on. In essence it is a completely independent web sites, but the use of the domain name registered.


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