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What is a Sub Domain Name?

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What is a Sub Domain Name?

What is a domain name under? A domain name is a secondary domain is part of the Level-Domain.
An example of this is probably the best way to explain what a domain name among them. Suppose you want a domain name for the head of more GoDaddy (the popular name registrar) to buy. While you're there, you have some questions and need help. He stumbles through their support center, which has the URL http://help.godaddy.com. This is a perfect example of a subdomain.

In the help is a subdomain http://help.godaddy.com GoDaddy is the top-level domain. Many webmasters to create sub-domains to better organize your pages.

Another common classification of a site instead of sub-domains is the use of folders. An example of a system of folders for a site instead of a subdomain would happen if GoDaddy has decided to create a folder for you. If it then the place to come for help is http://godaddy.com/help http://help.godaddy.com subdomain.

That's it! Now you know what a subdomain. Begin a great domain name with our tools to find today!


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