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Hosting Server: Set Up a Hosting Server

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Hosting Server: Set Up a Hosting Server

Windows Server 2008 operating system is an enterprise level, that information technology workers with the tools they need to establish an effective infrastructure. Such as Active Directory, DNS and DHCP, Windows Server includes a feature called IIS, which web sites can be held. The role of the IIS is not installed by default, but can be created by an administrator with the appropriate level of knowledge.

Close the Windows server using an account with administrator privileges. This allows the user has logged in to perform demanding tasks such as creating a hosting server. If you do not have an account with administrator privileges, contact your company IT department. If you turn responsible for the server, and without IT support network (see Resources) of the integrated account management for Windows servers.

Click  Start , click  All Programs ,  administration . Finally, click on  Manage Your Server  link. This opens the Server Management tool.

Click  OK  once the installation wizard is complete. The Windows server is configured as a server to host Web sites.


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