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All About Sub Domains

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All About Sub Domains

Sub-domains can be used as areas to be described fall within the simple category name system or DNS domain. The most common is that example.com is a subdomain of the community who is known for the extension or top-level domain, whereas www.example.com is a service in the example.com domain.

One can also say that the top-level domain  com  is actually a subdomain of the root domain is  .  This series is similar to the concept of the relationship easier to drive, folder and file name. In the Domain Name System or DNS names are originally written in the hierarchy downwards from right to left.

The subdomain is a part of a larger area is called the domain or also known as the super area. The term field is more common and preferred shares in the field of super.

The field of speech shows the dependence of sub-domains, for example, the domain wikipedia.org a subdomain, which contains org domain while the domain en.wikipedia.org contains the subdomain that wikipedia is self-control. org. This division into deeper layers go to 127, which can be overcome, however, do not contain a domain name from across the border to 255 characters.

The subdomain is connected as a  vanity domain  common and are often in a situation where the subdomain domain of the ISP with an individual account.

Sub-domains are useful for companies that want to choose a unique name, a department or function within the organization. For example, different departments of a university in the corresponding domain will be assigned as the science department may have a branch of  science  in the field.


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