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Name Server (NS)

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Name Server (NS)

Name servers are the Internet equivalent of a telephone book. A name server maintains a directory of domain names and associated IP addresses. Information from all name servers on the Internet is then gathered in the central register. The host companies in the central registry regularly updated information about the name servers, check to get it over the Internet allows people to access their site.

If your domain is configured, information about your domain name to our name servers are registered. This information is then used to us the central register of name servers on the Internet broadcast.

Normally it takes about 48 hours before the name servers on other networks can access the information may, after receiving the central registry. The 48-hour period is called propagation.

for example. Server Name cyberindian.com 's are: ns1.cyberindian.com ns2.cyberindian.com and so ns4.cyberindian.com


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