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Hosting Server: Set Up a Web Hosting Server With Windows XP

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Hosting Server:  Set Up a Web Hosting Server With Windows XP

The ability not to create a Web-hosting server is a known feature of Windows XP. This is an integrated function that can be used with most computers running Windows XP. Internet Information Server is a program with an installation CD for Windows XP can be installed and enable you to create a website with your host computer. You should be familiar with networking sites and Internet to complete the project. Your router needs to route Internet traffic to the computer with the server that people can be configured through Internet access.

Enter the IP address, mask, ready for connection in the  Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)  and click  OK  twice.

Click  Start  and then  Control Panel ,  Performance and Maintenance ,  Management  and  . Internet Information Server  Click the plus sign next to the name of the team and  Web Sites . This is the program management information services over the Internet and the default website is shown here.

Use a design program to create web pages for your site, or the code itself. Copy the website of  C: Inetpubwwwroot  on your computer.

Open your browser and open the website of your router. Information on registration, see the router documentation. Options for port forwarding and port 80 on your computer's IP address.

Necessary, enter the external IP address of your router's configuration. Use this address to access your website.


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    October 10, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    Above the video explained very clearly. I follow your setup to implement windows xp to my server. It's great stuff.

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