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What is a Sub Domain ? All About

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What is a Sub Domain ? All About

While still new to have your own website, there are times when you look in the CPanel and wonder what in the world it all means. There are many configuration options that would take many pages to complete to start really explain what each button. So let us with one, which may be useful in developing your Web site, the subdomain can begin. We declare that the sub-domain and which are used in the following sections.

A subdomain is an extension of your domain. For example, if you want a domain called  mydomain.com  and I have an address for  mysub.mydomain.com  wanted to  mysub  part of the subdomain. You can use a subdomain for many things, but most people use to create the subdomain part of its website on a particular topic. If you have a site about cars, you can create a subdomain named  Ford  as part of their website, which are treated only with cars and trucks made by Ford.

Can create the possibility of sub-domains really help you organize your web site to facilitate research. If you created a subdomain is created similar to how to have a second location. Normally you can provide FTP access to the subdomain. In fact, it can provide a test game for your website (eg test.mydomain.com) so you can test your site without affecting your main site.


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