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Web Host: Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting

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Web Host: Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting

A common question many people ask themselves: Why is it necessary to go for paid hosting, when millions of companies that offer free web hosting? This question is especially for those in the early stages of development as a webmaster or thinking about a new website.

It is really a sensitive issue and therefore one that must be answered before anyone really has the money to pay for a web hosting service needs.

There are two very important questions to ask yourself before you, whether you decide to go with a hosting provider Free or rather to pay for your accommodation. The first thing to ask was: What do you want from your website, that is, what is the cause of its existence the locations? Is it just a personal website that he plans to do so your friends and family around the world know about you, or a commercial site, where you want to attract traffic and then convert that traffic into money to by all means, sample by selling a product, building a community and the sale of advertising space, etc.

The second thing is, who your target audience, seeing how your site? You want them to think that a professional website from a reputable company / person you are or think they want, it's just another attempt by thousands of online sites, something that even without the budget to build a professional website (install managed to sell more relevant if your site is selling something).

Before entering the heart of the matter of the above two questions is important to know what free hosting providers offer free housing market? Free Web-hosting companies offer free accommodation so that they can ad space for sale on the websites of its members, to build, and therefore you will most web hosting companies flooding the site with free advertisements in the outside the control of the owner may find out.

Have returned to the above question, whether the main reason to create a site just a personal Web page with information about you, your pictures and other things in your life, you free hosting may be sufficient to look but if you to launch a website to create the information about your company or plan, money is online with the help of your site important, go take a big amount for the control of your web site and its traffic.

Paid hosting offers a wide range of facilities, detailed statistics such as the Web, allowing you to understand your traffic and run their campaigns accordingly, cgi-bin to run their own scripts, php, MySQL databases, as well as the possibility , Support your own domain name. With a good domain name is essential if you present a professional image to the Internet, and for this reason alone, we can say that paid hosting is a need to.


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