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Website at Home: Best way to Host Your Own Website at Home

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Website at Home: Best way to Host Your Own Website at Home

Running a website is a common occurrence in today's world. Sites like GoDaddy.com and 1and1.com hosting offer cheap that almost anyone can afford. Many offer  one stop shop  experience, where you can find and register a domain name, register for a hosting plan, and even design and build your website directly from your control panel included. However, you may wish to provide their own websites on a variety of reasons, host.

Not many want to limit the bandwidth, may want to avoid the signing of an agreement, the restrictive conditions for use, or simply just to learn how to manage your own website. Can be done at home.
 Register your domain with a domain registrar.

Most hosting providers allow you to specify a domain, register without a hosting account. Other companies that are offering this service godaddy.com, 1and1.com and hostgator.com. Follow the instructions to find an available domain name and save. 

 Download and install the Apache web server (httpd.apache.org /). Apache Server technology is behind many Internet servers today, and it's free and multiplatform. In fact, Apache comes to Mac OS X. installed preconfigured install Apache for Windows, select the desired version of httpd.apache.org / download.cgi and click on the download link. Double-click the file.

 Msi file to start the installation wizard. Follow the instructions to install Apache on your hard disk. Among the available options, select  Run Apache as a service  and  install for all users  in order to accelerate the process of hosting the site later. Restart the computer after you upgrade to the installation of Apache-related system files and restart the Apache service. 

Test your Apache server by opening a browser and enter  localhost  in the address bar. You should have a simple page that says:  Work!  If the installation fails, check the error.log file and adjust their processes and allows, if necessary.

Configure your Apache server by entering the text lines in httpd.conf, access.conf and srm.conf. These lines are used as guidelines and Apache uses these files and lines to see in them how it works. Perhaps the most powerful of these guidelines is Directory Since it is determined which directories on the server are actually  serve  another computer over the Internet.

In general, if the computer on which Apache Web server is only installed, use all the files on the hard disk will be accessible via the Internet. You can access a directory block Directory Directive, but it's easier to do, just the machine fully accessible.

Restart Apache after editing configuration files, such as changes apply only to the service to restart.

You configure the router to allow port forwarding. If you are connected to the internet behind a router, you must configure it to receive requests on port 80 (the most common HTTP port) to the computer with the installation of Apache forward. The methods for this vary, check your router for port forwarding instructions.


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