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All About What is a Sub Domain?

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All About What is a Sub Domain?

 Domain. For example, Tech.QandAs.com QandAs.com part of the domain name. In this case, the father or the super-QandAs.com field and  tech  of the subdomain. Subdomains have two important functions. They can help you to organize content sites, or shorten a web address.
 The ability to organize, content by the sub-domains is similar to nested folders. Keep subdomain URL is also manageable and easier to spread. A URL like http://sub.domain.com is much easier to subdue or to say http://www.domain/new/.

Another important use of subdomains is for websites that offer free web hosting offer. It is rare for a free web hosting account comes with a unique domain name. Instead, those who want a free hosting account for 741.com will have 741 in your domain name. For example, your site will website.751.com. This gives some advertising and help pay for the celebration 741.com.


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