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Domain Site: About Website Domain Name

The domain name is the unique address that identifies the location of the site. For example, the Web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the Website Gear http://www.websitegear.com. Websitegear.com is the domain name. http:// is the protocol used to access this site, www is a subdomain (not required). You can access this site without typing www http://websitegear.com. Domain names are registered by the owner of the site with a domain registrar like GoDaddy.com.

Why should you have a domain name?
There are millions of unique sights and every Web site that resides on a Web server. Each server can be identified by a unique address called an IP address. To view the web server at a specific site, remember the IP address of the server. IP addresses as numbers (eg and are difficult to remember. Therefore, domain names were introduced in 1985 to remember to create a simple assignment, the address of the server and the location of the Web server where the pages of the website current whereabouts.

What is a domain name can be used to find the site?
Each domain name is registered with the registration of the ICANN domain (http://www.icann.org) approved. Registrar to a database of domain names registered with them, and the location of name servers that get to the site. This information is stored in the DNS (Domain Name System) server. Domain information and the assignment of IP addresses are used in many places where Internet service providers access to information stored faster.

If a user's website address (eg http://www.websitegear.com) enters a request by the browser (Web or client) on the DNS server at the next regional to the IP address of Domain Name sent research. If the DNS server does not resolve the position of the domain name, it sends the request to a DNS server. This process continues until the IP address of the server site. The DNS server provides the browser with the correct IP address if it exists, otherwise returns an error message or redirects the user elsewhere. The browser can interact with the Web server with IP address and the application of certain Web pages or graphics, etc. These pages are downloaded to the browser and on the user's computer.

The domain name consists of two parts: the top-level domains (TLDs) and second-level domain. A TLD is also available as a domain suffix (eg known
com, net, org). For example, in the case of websitegear.net Website Gear range of second-level domain and the network is the extension or TLD. The second-level domain and the extension should be separated by a dot (.) Mutual. The top-level domains are frequently used in com, net and org.

The country-specific domain extensions like. We (USA). UK (United Kingdom). CA (Canada).
A domain name of the website is often talk too much about the Internet. It is necessary that the owner of a website to choose carefully the domain name and extension.

However, the frustration of domain names available, you can deviate from the original suggestion of names for something that is not the purpose of the site or its content in context.

Whois information can be found in the registered domain names in a database of registrars. Does the owner of the domain name, address, contact information, name servers, in accordance with ICANN, this information should be publicly accessible for everyone to see. However, since the high-risk source of spam whois, privacy and competition issues relating to enrollment, some registrars allow the domain registration to hide their information and the data logger into force.


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