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Hosting Server: Build a Web Hosting Server

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Hosting Server: Build a Web Hosting Server

The task of organizing your own website requires a good head for the networks of the system --- and a good dose of ambition. If you are not intimidated by the network parameters and the confidence he can handle the care of server administration, you can choose from several software for the construction of the host server. The following instructions are for the two programs most commonly used --- (Internet Information Server on Microsoft Windows Server) and Apache (which runs on most versions of Unix or Linux) --- but you might want to investigate the WebSphere Web Tux server and Google, to determine their needs.

Install the base operating system (Microsoft Windows Server) to act on your computer as a web server hosting.

Configure the server with the basic network configuration. Open the Control Panel and select  Network Settings . Right-click the network connection and select  Properties . In any version of Internet Protocol (IP) you use (probably version 4 or 6) double-click. On the General tab, select  Use the following IP address  and enter to use the fixed IP address.

Install Internet Information Server web hosting files on your computer. From the Start menu, select  Server Manager . Select  Add Roles  and select  Web Server . Make sure the installation files for Windows 2008.

Close the configuration of IIS or Apache web servers. You want to make sure that the Web server is configured with the IP address correctly. If this is not configured a problem for Web-server with a unique IP address is a concern when you are multi-homing.


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