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Hosting Server: Video Hosting Server

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Hosting Server: Video Hosting Server

Video-hosting servers are a key technology for video hosting services. Here, the user can download and send video images to a video-sharing Web site. The host of the video stores in the server and choose to see the code, as others see the video.

Download videos online server may be configured to download or streaming, progressive vision. Video server using the download method to get video to the end user, and if you load the temporary storage of the entire video file on your computer and open it and display it.

Streaming video server streaming video server is configured to display a video file into a constant stream, display, as it is downloaded. This can be with the flow of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which contains the file directly to a website done or through a hyperlink that provides more control over how we see the clip.

MethodYou Streaming Server can stream a small amount of video service provider's existing video server (ISP). Those who want to start a video site in large amounts to invest in an ISP as a high bandwidth and a branch network of distributed servers in multiple data centers.


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